Artist Silvan Zingg

Almost everybody has for sure already experienced, that things don’t always run according to plan and that sometimes there are also difficult times. The important thing is just how you deal with it: You can fall into a deep hole and let the negative things take away your joy in life or you can use the situation as a chance to (re)-discover new passions.

Silvan Zingg decided for the latter. The long compulsory break due to Covid in 2020 and 2021 caused him, like all other cultural workers, a lot of headache. For months there were no live concerts or engagements, the precious direct contact with friends and fans was missing and life was simply not like „before“. Fortunately, during this time, Silvan Zingg rediscovered an old talent that gave him a lot of joy and strength: art painting.

Within just a few months, he created around 100 pictures on canvas in various formats. His secret: Simply follow the current mood, thoughts and feelings as a template and soon a masterpiece is created. He works with acrylic paints on canvas and the results can be described as abstract expressionism.

No picture is the like the other, each one has its own flair in terms of color, motif and size. This means that there is something for everyone’s taste – regardless of whether you prefer the strong colors or rather subtle, whether it should be a large, wall-filling picture or rather something smaller. With the diverse selection of his pictures, all painted in his home atelier, everyone is sure to find their favorite picture.

Silvan Zingg is especially happy about requests for visits (also virtually) in his atelier to choose a favorite picture. All pictures can be purchased and are also a perfect gift idea, ideally together with one of his numerous CDs. For Silvan personally it is a great gift when can pass on joy and strength both with his music and his pictures.

Following a selection of Silvan Zinggs PAIN-TINGS 2021:

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